Post, the first and chicks.

Hey, random reader. This is my first blog post. This blog would be everything and anything that I feel good about. That I feel I should write about, let the world know about. The post will be 109% random. Sarcasm being the norm.

Like the site icon that you see (at the top in the tab of your browser). This is my favorite emoticon or emoji. I think everyone has their own favourite emoji. Right ? Right ? I will tell you the use of it a little later. But how about a little history before it ( I know right, an emoji has a history for this guy).

” Hatching chick” emoji 1 or that it is called, was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. With the description of and i quote here “A cute baby chicken hatching from its egg and seeing the world for the first time”.

I love this emojji

Beat that for a logo.


So why this particularly …

Its cute. Its adorable. Call me crazy, which you can if you have met me. I think it is great for various situations of surprise, new interests, awe and basically anything new.  I use it anywhere I see fit. This for me symbolizes a new life, recreation, suprise and so on.

Example – Bruh, the results are out.

Reply – Whaaaaaaa  I love this emojji !!

So, what about you? Do you have a emoji that justifies your craziness, your mood, your style? A personal style that you use in the social world. Do share it with me down in the comments section.

Mixster is a free space. Say whatever you feel like. Comment something random if you feel like it. I don’t care. But do express your views. I care for them. Live in the mix.

This blog has been written using Markdown

  1. Footnote : Now for the people living under a rock or on another planet. Emoji or Emoticon are small images or logo used to demonstrate various feeling, thoughts, moods, symbols and just about anything left in this world. There is a emoji for everything these days. Messaging apps and social media are the driving force behind it. Which has now become an ongoing trend that we all love to use and some more than others. 


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