Confluence’18 : The good & The great

I volunteered for yet another tech conference and this time my mark has struck much closer to home. In my own university. So, here’s my take on Amity University’s 8th International Conference “Confluence 2018” held on 11th-12 Jan on Data Science, Cloud Computing, and Engineering.

“Too many big words in a sentence makes the sentence cooler by a factor of 10”
– Heisenberg (2018 AD.)



The girl she hid

These words written by a friend touched a chord deep within me. With a guy that I hid …

The eclectic girl

She’s finally coming out. She can’t take it anymore. Life had given her opportunities where she had to know her strengths and the only the strengths as there was no space for weakness. The part where she had to be strong had come for her. This was the part where life had just begun just for the eyes of the world whereas for her, life began a long time ago. She believed a part of her had meant to be hidden, as secrecy had become the new cool. While others kept their friend’s secret to maintain that precious bond, she kept hers. That’s what she challenged herself, Keep a secret. A secret that makes life a lot more entertaining. Filled with suspicion. She choose her misery to be the cause of her amusement. She turned the expectations of her foes into pure blissful attempts for mere tears of sadness and…

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Google Drive (Backup and Sync) workaround for Linux.

Are you frustrated, angry and a little hurt that Google has still not released a desktop client of Google Drive for your favorite Linux distro? Are you having weird, nostalgic thoughts about shifting back to the blue screen of death or popularly known as the operating system, Windows? That sweet accessibility, comforts and smooth sync it provides. As your hungry soul searches relentlessly on Google for proper backup options on Linux. Friends, fear no more. I got you all covered (Well, almost all of you).

Benefits of Speaking Publically

A post regarding the benefits of public speaking that I derived, observed and maybe stating a little-exaggerated version of it that I realized from my talk at the meetup of India Linux Users Group – Delhi (ILUG-D) – My First talk as a Speaker

#Pyconindia 2017

2017 has been a busy year and here’s what I did in the month of November 2017.


My First Official Project: #completed

Projects are fun, they provide a steep learning curve, you learn how to work in a team and how to contribute, solve problems. That’s what I used to think. Until I landed my first big project and here’s my account of how our project really happens.


My First talk as a Speaker

Heart pounding against my chest, my throat dry as a barren road and hands shaking in nervousness and anxiety. As someone said a name that sounded similar. All eyes turned on me, prying. As they announced “the next speaker we are going to have is Vipul Gupta .. (more…)

!0 most brain me1ting m0vies.

As promised from my previous post Lights, Camera, My Love for watching movies.


The Guide to filling the perfect OD form ft. Amity University

This post is exclusively for Amity University students. And could be described as one of the most important things in their lives after of course maintaining 75% attendance and their grade points.


Low Battery Curse ft. Ubuntu [solved]

Notification – The system is running low on power  * well shit, not again *


Lights, Camera, My Love for watching movies.

I am a movie buff, a real Nazi when it comes to arguing with movies. I cherish the experience of watching a movie and giving it all my attention that it deserves. I often go alone too watch a film, the point of watching horror movie goes down the drain when your friends can’t stop cracking jokes about the plot of the story or how the ghost looks.

The crowd you go with also matters. The person next to you should be of your similar interest and most times complete strangers will do. Its ridiculous to see what people do at theaters. I was once watching a slog of a movie, and i noticed a girl putting up a snapchat filter on the actress starring in the movie. Cringe detected. I often Google up songs that i hear in films just because the part they play at, makes it feels so much better. I dream to work in a movie production house once.

One should realize that watching a movie is just not going to the theaters and spending a bunch of cash for entertainment. But to get teleported to a new world, spend 3 hours of your life seeing a different lifestyle as yours and experiencing the story and emotions that the director wants to show you. Spending time with your family or loved ones. Get a break from the busy lifestyle.

Next time you meet someone with someone like this anywhere, who talks about movies like he/she is in love with them. Give them respect, give them your support. They will make your life better. Also to the people who makes them. Bollywood and Hollywood alike. Thousands of work hours goes into making a movie for the audience and countless hopes and promises are attached to it. Taking a minute to appreciate that, will do you good.

Not just watch movies, live them, feel them and make your life better.

Next up: my top 10 mind-melting movie list.

The Art of Not Giving a Fuck

This is me on the subject of “Not Giving a Fuck”. So whosoever might you be, don’t get offended. If you do by any chance, I don’t give really don’t give a shit. One life-changing article coming up (10-minute read) (more…)


A google search helped me become better at FOSS.


How cool is that.

Undistract-me “Terminal Job Notifications”

What if you could get notifications when a task is completed on on your terminal. A small push notification indicating that the command has been executed or a sound would be produced when the terminal has finished a command on Linux. That could end up saving both money and time of yours.texjkdf.jpeg

CHECK Top-Right corner …..Cool right ?


Post, the first and chicks.

Hey, random reader. This is my first blog post. This blog would be everything and anything that I feel good about. That I feel I should write about, let the world know about. The post will be 109% random. Sarcasm being the norm.

Like the site icon that you see (at the top in the tab of your browser). This is my favorite emoticon or emoji. I think everyone has their own favourite emoji. Right ? Right ? I will tell you the use of it a little later. But how about a little history before it ( I know right, an emoji has a history for this guy). (more…)