HexChat: The Ultimate Guide #10/11

I rarely waste time on introducing topics. Let’s get cracking. I am excited about this.


Bouncers on IRC & The Week that went by

WELL, first up Happy Laughter Day that happens on the first Sunday of May every year. I know right, I didn’t even know it existed. This week had been full of activity as I am settling into my new project and making some headways regarding the same. Life couldn’t go any better as I met a very special friend over the weekend. I am excited about Google I/O #io18 this year, starting out on 8 May, it’s going to be epic. There is an extended session being planned in Delhi by GDG Delhi. I really hope it happens. The developer conf for Facebook wrapped up too, very interesting content and new developments that they brought to the table. Coming to the week of mine regarding Google Summer of Code 2018. Check it out.