So if you are wondering what a Mixtape is, you have clearly not watched Guardians of the Galaxy or even The Perks of being a Wallflower.

A mix-tape is a forgotten notion from another era. In times, where the cool kids carried cassettes with a set playlist on a reel playing in their Walkmans. If you have them or ever used them, then sir your childhood was awesome. It’s the testament to how fast technology changes and how beautiful change is. The Netflix series “13 reasons why” bought the cassettes back into the frame a bit. With younger people going haywire over it. Quite literally.

“Everything in life has a reason and just like there is a story to everything in life ” – Doctor Strange.

This section has stories that will showcase the events that I went through in the movie that is life. Big or small doesn’t matter. Experience and sharing them does. Vacations, parties, fights and friends and all the nitty-gritty in between that I put it in writing.

This section belongs to everything random that I would post. For the love of mix.

  1. Post, the first and chicks
  2. The Art of Not Giving a Fuck
  3. Lights, Camera, My Love for watching movies.
  4. The Guide to filling the perfect OD form ft. Amity University
  5. !0 most brain me1ting m0vies
  6. Benefits of Speaking Publically
  7. The girl she hid
  8. Two Thousand and Seventeen
  9. Confluence ’18: The good & The great
  10. Acknowledgement – tation
  11. “Bruh, slow down…”
  12. Coming soon ..