GSoC #2018

Howdy link-clicker,

The following list of blog posts will be related to Google Summer of Code 2018, and a detailed account of my adventures, what I learned in the months May through August, obstacles I faced, and the friends I made. If you think you are at the wrong place or don’t really care about this topic. Then don’t press the back button just yet, I would really hope for you to read on and learn about this awesome program that I am so lucky to be in and you might want join up too. Give it a read enlighten yourself, comment thy opinions, share it with the world.

1: One, Two, Three … GSoC – An opinionated fun start-up guide for people looking to take the first step and my views overall about the initial process.

2: Bouncers on IRC & The Week that went by – A post on Bouncers in IRC and how they save messages even if you are away on IRC, updates about week 2 in GSoC and some mixed stuff.

3. Racing through config files with ConfigParser in Python #W3 – It’s week 3 and I got 400 contributions on GitHub. I am so happy and check it out of what I did in week 3.

4. Python + GitHub = PyGithub #W4 – This will be quick, this week I learned about PyGitHub, that implements and interacts GitHub API v3 and GitHub Enterprise APIv3 in Python and could possibly help you with any crazy ideas that you might have with repositories on GitHub. Week 4.

5. Weeeeeeeeeeek 5 – Small update.

6. Google Cloud Summit, LicenseChecks, 1st Evaluations, Bugs #6+7 – Awesome weeks ahead.

7. Woche acht und neun von Google Sommer Code – German Yes, work done Yes.

8. HexChat: The Ultimate Guide #10/11 – Second Evaluation Passed.
9. Acknowledgement – tation – A small note from my heart.
10. Final Report – SugarLabs #GSoC2018 – The lowdown, personal views and more. Getting emotional over the end. Read at your own risk.


**** End of the line – Google Summer of Code 2018 *****





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