‘n’ honest truths about working remote [Community Edition]

I thought remote would be easy. I thought it will be comfortable, creative and carefree. I thought I would be so efficient that I be in the zone all the time. Oh my sweet summer child, only if I knew before how wrong I was. And the best part being that I love the concept even more.

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Lights, Camera, My Love for watching movies.

I am a movie buff, a real Nazi when it comes to arguing with movies. I cherish the experience of watching a movie and giving it all my attention that it deserves. I often go alone too watch a film, the point of watching horror movie goes down the drain when your friends can’t stop cracking jokes about the plot of the story or how the ghost looks.

The crowd you go with also matters. The person next to you should be of your similar interest and most times complete strangers will do. Its ridiculous to see what people do at theaters. I was once watching a slog of a movie, and i noticed a girl putting up a snapchat filter on the actress starring in the movie. Cringe detected. I often Google up songs that i hear in films just because the part they play at, makes it feels so much better. I dream to work in a movie production house once.

One should realize that watching a movie is just not going to the theaters and spending a bunch of cash for entertainment. But to get teleported to a new world, spend 3 hours of your life seeing a different lifestyle as yours and experiencing the story and emotions that the director wants to show you. Spending time with your family or loved ones. Get a break from the busy lifestyle.

Next time you meet someone with someone like this anywhere, who talks about movies like he/she is in love with them. Give them respect, give them your support. They will make your life better. Also to the people who makes them. Bollywood and Hollywood alike. Thousands of work hours goes into making a movie for the audience and countless hopes and promises are attached to it. Taking a minute to appreciate that, will do you good.

Not just watch movies, live them, feel them and make your life better.

Next up: my top 10 mind-melting movie list.