Author: Vipul Gupta

21, 1x Engineer, writing OSS docs @ Mixster, yet another volunteer helping grow PyDelhi & PyCon India. He writes, he speaks but most importantly he fixes issues. Find him at @vipulgupta2048

[Simple English] The what, why, and how of Serverless the easiest way possible

You read the title of the blog, it’s clear enough what we are here for. Understanding Serverless the easiest way possible. If what you read below is too slow for your pace. You can jump right into a more practical, hands-on learning experience where I build a party parrot GIF generator from scratch and deployed it over on serverless. The link at the end, or probably on the sidebar.


4 months of full-time remote: Hits, Misses and Infectious Initiative

In the last 4 months, I pseudo graduated without a farewell, couldn’t see my friends for the last time, joined a new role at a startup, put on several hats at work, organized meetups, mini-confs and now helping out with a major Python conference who’s tickets are selling out crazy fast. Subtle promotion tactic, I know. I experimented, grew out to do new things, built my remote setup, and now here’s me writing about the hit, misses, and infectious initiative about remote work of my past 4 months in a world that is burning both figuratively and literally. Let’s begin.


[Solved] File downloads in headless chrome/chromium using WebDriverIO DevTools Protocol

If you have found this blog on the internet, I assure you this problem of yours gets solved here and now once and for all.


Future Vipul’s Prep Guide to Dual-Booting: Dejunking Windows 10 and other sweet things!

Hey future Vipul, this is Vipul from 2020. What you know is a drop, what you don’t know is an ocean. You will need this guide when you get a new machine pre-installed with Windows (Whatever latest version is there on the planet you live on). Hopefully, Linux also exists at that time and you want to escape through a dual boot to loving arms of open-source software. You can’t go full Linux because you occasionally use proprietary tools and like gaming on Windows. We will be going through prep for that, to lighten Windows up to run on bare-minimum before the dual boot. Let’s get started, we have a lot to cover.


Deploying your IOT fleet with OpenBalena on a Virtualbox VM

Deploying an IOT fleet can be a painful venture as we all know. Building your software stack, testing it, provisioning, not to mention all the hoops you have to jump over when you are finally deploying. Even when you have deployed your solution you have to plan ahead for regular updates of the software in the field, maintenance, and huge upkeep attached to it. It’s a tough process, no doubt about it. What if that process could be made much easier with battle-tested tools at your disposal that helps you focus more on the development of your IoT solution rather than the tons of deployment issues that you face when deploying scale. Enters BalenaCloud and Openbalena!


Working from home with the world in lockdown: A letter.

Let’s try something new and unique in this post.


[Solved] Virtualbox shared folders Guest additions not working on Linux nightmare!

Installing Guest additions on the VM to make the shared folders feature work is a long fought battle out many bad stackoverflow answers. Let me show what worked for me time and again. It’s easy and it’s fast. This is probably the messiest post I have written so far. Not proud of it but I know this will save lives for sure.


After learning X, how should I go further? Rising above your programming plateau in 3 simple steps.

This is the start of mini posts that I will be writing every week about whatever the week has been about and what hasn’t it been. Your boi is a hard working, employed boi so probably 3000 words long essay style blogs will become a thing of the past and I will learn to compress information down to really important bits for once in 2020. We just lost Irfan Khan. I am not sure I am handling it all too well. Nonetheless, we carry on against the droning deafening hollow of life.


So what’s next for Vipul?

I have been staring at this screen for 20 minutes, with Ritviz’s new song playing in the background and I have nothing.


How to be financially independent before college without getting lucky‽‽

This blog is one of the few special posts I have been writing on Mixster in the ongoing pandemic of 2020 before I start my next adventure (Got a Job!) In these crazy times of social distancing, isolation and Ramayana, I rediscovered writing to be something that keeps me calm and composed. I have been looking back at my journey that started with chasing after a piece of paper that would certify that I am a Bachelor of Technology to now being financially independent and content with who I am. Well here I am spilling the beans and documenting my 4 year journey.


[My Notes] Preparing for Financial Emergencies in Remote Environment

Pretty good starter webinar from Remote Indian community, check it out.


Dabbling with React @ React India 2019: A Tweet story

Lush green trees, monsoon weather, soul cooling winds coming from the tumultuous waters of the beach where sounds of waves splashing over the dry sand can be heard by people walking by. Now, just imagine a tech conference on a piece of software that powers almost half of the web today at the place that I just described. How could you stop yourself? I couldn’t. Here’s a brief twitter story of my adventures at React India.


Taking names, giving hugs: Acknowledge-II-Mentation

This year has been amazing for me. For my communities, my projects, my initiatives, my interests, my work, my life, and of course Mixster. Hmm… a lot of “my” in that sentence. Let’s fix that. 2019, also gave me my fair share of letdown, losses, failures, anxiety, depression, breakups, server crashes, and bugs. And, I am sure I haven’t seen the last of them. But, that hasn’t stopped me to pause my life for a moment, look back and write this amazing post again. That’s why you have been sent a link for this post. Because, you are special and you did something great, this year. Little things that I like to acknowledge and appreciate.

Now, while people rush towards the finish line in this silly pursuit of happiness, I want to be different. I would like to be the one that stops just for a day, look back and say thanks to all the amazing people that mattered, people that helped, folks without whom I won’t be here. This is me uncut, taking names and giving hugs per name taken. That’s what Acknowledgement-ations is all about. This is Vipul Gupta, and he is feeling grateful, full of love. This one is going to be extremely long. Some of you are extremely busy, so you can just search your name for a faster turnaround.

read to find your name

Tutorial: Setting up Graphite and Logster

In /this tutorial we will be covering the basics of setting up Graphite and Logster for Apache logs. First step is we setup an instance of Graphite. Read the following tutorial to install Graphite on your system and set it up. Later,  we can use the same for Logster to implementing logging. 


[Simple English] What is Kubernetes (K8’s), “The Office” version.

As soon as one hears about, Kubernetes or K8’s. The minds of some people run off to faraway lands as to what this complex piece of technology really is. With this post, I will give my best to bring forth some unique clarity on the subject with the help of my favorite sitcom, The Office. This is for people who basically know nothing, know very little or should know nothing about the technology but still want to know what the hype is about. It’s for everyone. Also, a bit of a disclaimer.

Let’s Go!