The guy loves chicks, I can tell you that and a good meme. (reference)

Well, Mixster was a long-brewed idea of the author of the blog posts. He always likes to write but some people might agree that for writing be it blog posts, stories, even short paragraphs. The right rhythm is necessary. The words you write should often strike a chord with your heart. And while writing it strikes every chord of the song “time in a bottle” by Jim Croice for the author. He loves to write in his free time.

The author is a sarcastic, observant, moody jerk. A little mysterious, secretive even in his affairs and daily life. As he’s been told (one of the reasons why this blog was created)  He loves his beard and everything nice. He’s got no sense of fashion, likes simplicity, that guy. And codes too. One of his many passion includes traveling (never been out of India), eating a lot (I am slim now), watching good American thriller and drama shows, a bit into gaming and listening to good music. Now here he wants to distinguish himself by stating he is not the generic music lover which every next guy seems to be. But his love for music includes soulful melodies (A 1000 Times), Jazz numbers (The Henry’s blues collection ), Indy songs (Lord Huron – The Night we Met), Metal (Nightmare and Brighton Rock). Loves Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and hundreds more. Oh!! don’t worry he likes pop, house and electronic too. You can start a conversation with him, by telling him about a good song you heard that one day. And he will take it from there. Reading courtroom drama like John Grisham and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher takes up his remaining free time. Loves doing new things and going out on Saturdays for meetups and parties. He spends his busy life procrastinating and drawing up all kind of plans on his beloved whiteboard. He weekly harvests Calvin and Hobbes comics by Bill Watterson for his collection which have well over exceeded a thousand snippets from over 4-5 years of rigorous on and off collecting.

Well, thanks for reading he hopes you love this blog and also hopes that he too loves it long enough to keep writing. The author likes to add that he has been successful in not giving too many fucks since 2016 – present (reference#2), but still, would like to know and meet you. Comment who you are, drop a link or something.




  1. I totally love this! 😀 Nice to meet you! 🙂
    Btw ‘The right rhythm is necessary. The words you write should, often strike a chord with your heart.’ I second that!


    1. Thanks Monika, Nice to meet you too !!
      Btw I am that movie fanatic friend who passionately watches the movie or show he is watching and then tells everyone his thoughts about it whether they liked it or not. whispers SUITS and eye in the sky. With a little Narcos just to mix up my life…

      “Traditional review often makes you feel like if you disagree, you’re simply wrong.” Striking a chord one line at a time. Do check out my latest, I am very passionate about that particular topic. I could do a summer movie list too, loved your blog.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hiii, fellow film fanatic! 😀 I’d love to hear your summer picks – leave a comment on my Summer Picks blog? 😉 I’d love to know!

        And thanks so much for the love! 😉 Surely not the last time we talk :))

        Liked by 1 person

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