Insync – An efficient OneDrive client for Linux

Even though Microsoft loves Linux now, the “love” kind of dries up when you start to think about downloading a OneDrive client for your favorite Linux distro, and end up finding that there is no real client out there that fulfills your needs. I needed an all in one solution for securely syncing my files to OneDrive without worrying about losing them.

Some time back, Vipul on Mixster wrote an awesome review about the all-in-one solution for your Google Drive client troubles for Linux that Insync solves. Here, we are following up with Insync contacting us to write another review for them on their new OneDrive Linux client. Long story short, it changed my mind about using OneDrive web as my standard way of accessing my file, to now using Insync’s awesome OneDrive client. Here’s a small review of how I found it to be really useful! Let’s get started.

Features that blew me away

Quick Setup

A one-time browser based login is all that’s required to set up a OneDrive account on Insync. No hassle, no dependency issues, just this. For people who are in the habit of saving their passwords on the browser, this works like a boon.

Logging into Insync through browser

Shared Base Folder

Insync keeps OneDrive files in a local base folder – which is chosen/created upon setup – and retains the directory structure. Any changes made at this folder are reflected in OneDrive web, and vice versa.

Local base folder created by Insync

Native Tracking

After logging in, all files on OneDrive of the authorised account are synced to the base folder. Turning off the sync means removing files from the system. In any case, all content on OneDrive is still available for browsing directly from Insync even if it is not stored locally.

All files and folders on OneDrive visible in Insync

Selective Sync

This handy feature is used to sync local folders with OneDrive without changing their location on the system. Insync gives the option to either merge the local folder with another or place it somewhere within the existing directory structure.

Different ways to place a folder while using Selective Sync

Feed & Notifications

Insync has a Feed where all the OneDrive activity is listed. The notifications are generated for each file with the associated OneDrive email.

Upload and download status of files as seen within Insync’s Feed in real time

Multi Account Login

Managing multiple accounts is easier here because all accounts using Insync are arranged on top of the app window and switching between them is just a matter of one click.

Different OneDrive accounts side by side

…and more

Insync has configurable Ignore Rules, which exclude certain files during sync. It is completely operated through the GUI. That said, the fixed window size of this client is not intuitive. Overall, Insync provides a clean experience with all essential features not requiring a thorough dig through the software.

On top of that, Insync has been a Google Drive Linux client for a longer duration, and this awesome review has all you need to know about it.
Bonus point: Insync is a cross-platform client. Check out all the download options below.

Avail a fifteen day free trial or buy the one time licence.

That’s all for this post, keep learning and stay electric.

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