What really is, Mixster?

Mixster started out in 2017, out of raw ideas for me to have my own corner of the web. There I was, a freshmen struggling to make something for myself. Depressed actually. New concept, new rules in this strange new place was a bit overwhelming for me. But, I know I had to change. I know I had to improve. Hence, I started looking outside for thoughts, inspiration and ideas. And in this turmoil brewing inside me, Mixster emerged.

Back in June 2017, I joined the Dgplug Summer Training, I remember when I first started writing on this blog with like 40 odd views views. And now, I a see Mixster realising its full potential in the last years with 85k+ views, 200k insights. All that with little or no advertising, hundreds of dollars earned, and a steady following of the content I writer motivated me to go further. Something that would be meaningful for the entire community that has done so much more me. Something more than just a blog.

What is the big news?

I am very excited to share the update that Mixster over the past year has grown into becoming a small community of writers, engineers, developers, researchers, scientists. People who come from all walks of life. People that are experts in their fields with one very special thing in common. They love to write. Be it content, docs and blogs on topics they know, they have worked with and have experience in.

Mixster is an initiative to give back to the community in the most constructive way I know how. I hand-pick folks working and contributing to some of the biggest open-source organisations. Help them, support them financially with challenging projects and gigs from OSS startups, and organisations who want help to make their content, posts, blogs, docs more inclusive, & interactive.

After all, who would be able to write your docs better. People who actually understand & will essentially use it. Mixster is a community of devs who
simply love to write.

Hard to believe, but it’s true.

Okay, idea makes sense. What all can you do for us?

We patch the holes, and fix the leaks in your documentation. We read into your brand, understand it, use it and provide you with valuable feedback. We mix it up, so your product is understood better, by both clients looking to buy it and developers using it alike. Our services include everything you could think that can be done with content. From setting up the infrastructure to running point on your outreach goals to writing and testing developer documentation to creating blogs that help folks sell something bigger than your otherwise boring business. (Blog)

Essentially helping your brand, your company, and most importantly your product to sell better. Most of our writers are engineers, developers, and even researchers who do what they love most. They know what they are doing, just because they use what they are writing about. This helps your product, API’s, service, apps, websites get the best possible insight on how they can be improved in today’s market right from the horse’s mouth.

Mixster is basically “Your in-house content team”
but flexible & cheaper.

Not what we think, ask our clients instead

Most of them have given their time contributing to free and open-source software, packing a great deal of experience both in product development and technical writing for the community in almost every tech stack there is. No topic is too obscure for us to write and no feedback from clients is ignore here. We absolutely love to experiment when it comes to content & we are very excited on the prospect of adding you to our list of amazing clients.

So, what do you think of our pitch?

Mixster isn’t changing base or anything. It’s still going to be a corner of the web. It’s just this corner is taking up an apartment with Humans of Mixster. One can call this a soft opening to a new beginnings. If you are interested in making your documentation, blogs and any content whatsoever stay in the best shape it has ever been, I would love the opportunity to convince you how we can help your product reach that stage. After all, what’s more important than documentation in open-source.

Wanna join Humans of Mixster?

If you like to write as well, we have plenty of work to go around. You can find me on Twitter or anywhere on the web by vipulgupta2048. Life with Mixster is one of freelance, remote, part-time and no commitments at all. I basically offer what I (myself) would like in my job. The perfect job. Humans of Mixster is an opportunity for folks from the community to actually pursue their passion to write and take on challenging projects without the compromises and adjustments. I think that would be it, thank you for reading and like always folks, live in the mix.

Note to Employers

If you are a employer, reading from my resume about Mixster. Then, no need to worry. Mixster is just an initiative that I run, more crudely said then a side hustle at best. We are default to open. Hence, no contracts, no NDA, or clause of any kind stopping me from being under employ or you for employing me. I frankly would love to talk more about if you like services of our team or want any questions or queries answered.


    1. Thank you so much, Jason. I remember it all started from the DGplug Summer Training of 2017, I still remember the things I learned there. It was life-changing, I often remember it when I am writing here on Mixster.


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