What really is, Mixster?

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Hey there,
Are you new to these parts of the internet? If you are, then allow me to be your guide in helping you understand what Mixster really is and why this little corner of the web has become an integral part of who I am and the work I have been doing in open-source over the years. There’s a free ice-cream waiting for you in the end. Read on!

Give it to me straight, what is Mixster?

Mixster is an initiative started by Vipul Gupta to write scalable documentation and well-researched technical content for OSS organisations, startups and companies with help of experienced developers and open-source maintainers working in the field.

People ask us, “Do projects really need docs?”
We reply, “Does restaurants really need a menu?”

Since 2017, Mixster has been involved in fixing and maintaining 15+ projects across tech stacks and industries globally. Apart from “righting” the docs, we also build documentation for products from the ground up. From research, to documentation design, to A/B testing to getting the flow of information to just right to deployment to making it production-ready. In other words, we take up the heavy lifting of writing easily maintainable, scalable docs that your customers or stakeholders would love to read. Often ready to go the extra mile to ensure quality in whatever work we commit to do just because we really like reading good docs.

And, also know if your documentation isn’t right the first time around, it ends up making or breaking the success of your product.

Been there, experienced that. Don’t compromise on your docs, folks!

Hence, when it comes to your product release, you can bank on us that documentation wouldn’t be thing holding you down on that day. Our years of experience in the field, working with diverse FOSS projects, organizations, startups, and companies is a critical edge you can acquire when you are choosing to get your product docs or technical content written by Mixster.

Our team at Mixster is a mix of SDE’s, SRE’s, designers, entrepreneurs and open-source veterans. People who author great technical content all the while keeping your product at the center of it all. With Mixster, you can effectively take the first step forward towards building a stronger community presence around your brand. We are committed to keeping the documentation we write inclusive, community-oriented and gender-neutral focused on engaging a wider section of people.

Quite simply, we provide your venture with the very best of people, skills and tools available in the market without the hassle of hiring your own content team. Documentation written by developers and for developers. The way it should have always been.

After all, who would be able to write your product or API documentation better? Random content writers from Upwork or folks who have years of practical experience working in the field.

And, that’s our pitch.

Are you releasing a product soon? Do your users have difficulties reading your product docs? Are you drowning in issues on your docs repo? Do you want to build a community sustainably around your product? We love a chance to talk to you and help out with all that and more! Drop us a message or something.

(If things work out, first round of ice-creams are on us!)

Here’s our Origin Story

Mixster started in 2017, out of raw ideas for me to have my corner of the web. There I was, a freshmen struggling to make something for myself. New concepts, new rules in this strange new place was overwhelming. I knew I had to adapt, I knew I had to change. Hence I started looking for thoughts, inspiration, and ideas. And in this turmoil brewing inside, Mixster emerged.

Back in June ’17, I joined the Dgplug Summer Training which actually motivated me to write my thoughts. I remember when I first started writing on this blog, I had like 40 odd views on posts that I created. And now, I see Mixster realizing its full potential in the last year with thousands of dollars in revenue, 85k+ views, 200k impressions, & so many collaborations with our partners Insync, Metricfire, Hasura, and more. All that with little or no advertising, a free WordPress domain, and a steady following of the content I love to write. Something that has motivated me to go further and take the next crucial step on the journey with Mixster. To try and build something bigger, something that would be meaningful to the community.

Here comes the big news!

I am very excited to share the update that Mixster over the past year has grown into becoming a community of engineers, Sys-Admins, developers, designers, researchers, scientists. People who come from all walks of life. People that are experts in their fields with a very special thing in common. They absolutely love to write documentation. Be it technical content of any kind, docs, articles, security reports, legal or blogs on topics they know, have worked on it for years and have loads of experience to show for it.

Mixster is an initiative to give back to the community in the most constructive way I know how. I hand-pick folks working and contributing to some of the biggest open-source organizations. Help them, support them financially with challenging projects from organisation motivated to make their content, posts, blogs, docs more inclusive, & interactive. Most importantly, open for the entire community.

After all, who would be able to write your Product docs/content better? Content Writers on upwork or folks who have years of industry experience in the field. Mixster is a community of devs who simply love to write.

Hard to believe, but it’s true.

Okay, the idea makes sense. What all can you do for us?

We patch the holes and fix the leaks in your documentation. We read into your brand, understand it, use it and provide you with constructive user and product feedback. We mix it up, so your product is understood better, both by managers looking to get it for their team or developers trying to get started on your API.

Our services include everything with content. From building docs from scratch to scaling current setups to setting up content infrastructure to helping you make informed design decisions to running point on your outreach goals to writing and testing developer documentation to creating blogs with your brand voice that helps you sell something bigger than your otherwise boring business (Blog)

“Mixster is basically ‘Your in-house content team’
but faster, flexible, and way more efficient.”

Not what we think, ask our clients instead.

Essentially helping your brand, your company, and most importantly your product. Most of our writers are engineers, developers, designers, and even researchers who do what they love most. This helps your product, APIs, services, apps, websites get the best possible insight on how they can be improved in today’s market right from the horse’s mouth.

Most Humans of Mixster are also experienced FOSS contributors, packing a great deal of experience both in product development and technical writing for the community in almost every tech stack there is. No topic is too obscure for us to write on and no feedback from the clients or the users is too small ignored to be ignored. We love to experiment when it comes to content & we are very excited about the prospect of adding you to our list of amazing clients.

Lindsey Rogerson,
Content Director, Metricfire

“It was great working with Mixster, they were very knowledgeable about a broad range of topics related to monitoring. They were always proactive about getting the right information about the products in our space, and writing articles that really help our readers engage with our products.” Check out our work

Nishchit Dhanani &
Shreya Ranpariya,
Founders of Firecamp.io

“We got a chance to work with Vipul when we took the decision to build the Firecamp docs from scratch and do it right. We were looking for someone with commitment and subject matter experience on across the stack. In the first meeting only, we found Vipul to be the goto person for technical documentation. He helped out through the journey from building, designing and writing the docs from scratch to taking challenge ahead on. All in all, we found him to be a domain expert in writing empathetic documentation. If you’re looking for someone to write your technical docs I’d say, don’t waste your time, just call this guy!” Well, you can ping me!

So, that’s the pitch.

Mixster isn’t changing base or anything. It’s still going to be my corner of the web. It’s just that this corner is taking up an apartment with Humans of Mixster. One can call this a soft opening to grand new beginnings. If you are interested in making your documentation, blogs and any content whatsoever be and stay in the best shape it has ever been, I would love the opportunity to convince you how we can help your product reach that stage. After all, what’s more important than documentation in open-source.

Wanna join Humans of Mixster?

If you like to write as well, we have plenty of work to go around. You can find me on Twitter or anywhere on the web by vipulgupta2048. Life with Mixster is one of freelance, remote, part-time and no commitments at all. I basically offer what I (myself) would like to see in a job. The perfect job.

Humans of Mixster is an opportunity for awesome folks from the FOSS community to pursue their passion to write and take on challenging projects without the compromises and adjustments of freelancing alone. We have your back! If you are good, wanting to be great. Slide into my DM with the links of 3 of your best documentation/content.

Update: At this moment, we aren’t hiring any new writers for Humans of Mixster, but please do reach me on Twitter to submit your deets and we be in touch for sure.

Note to Employers

If you are an employer, reading from my resume about Mixster. Then, no need to worry. Mixster is an initiative that I run. More realistically, its a side hustle right now. We are “default to open”. That means, we don’t sign any contracts (Except MoU’s), any NDA’s or any legal document whatsoever (yet). Nothing is stopping me from being under the employ of any company or someone to hire me. I frankly would love to talk more about if you like the services of our team, are on the edge of open-sourcing your documentation or want answers to any and all questions or queries you have. Just lay it on me at our contact center.

Till then, live in the mix folks!

We are quite active on sharing our insights and lessons learned through the work we do for open-source projects and clients. Check it all out below.


    1. Thank you so much, Jason. I remember it all started from the DGplug Summer Training of 2017, I still remember the things I learned there. It was life-changing, I often remember it when I am writing here on Mixster.


  1. I have seen so many great products with poor documentation. Android’s documentation in the past few years has been a prime example.

    Good to see your initiative and hope more and more products will try Mixster and get their docs straight.

    Great work, Vipul. 🙌🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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