What really is, Mixster?

Mixster started out 2 years ago out of a raw idea that I had in mind for me to have my own corner of the web. There I was as a freshmen, struggling with new concepts, new places, looking inside myself as to how can I improve rather than looking outside for thought, inspiration and ideas. And in this turmoil of depression, happiness mixed together with the necessity of not giving a fuck in life, and become better from what I was then. Mixster emerged.

This was back in June 2017 at the Dgplug Summer Training, I remember when I first started writing here. And after 2 years, 25k+ views with little or no advertising, hundreds of dollars earned, and a steady following of my content. I have decided to keep going and carry on this little adventure into something more. Something that would be meaningful for the entire community. I am very excited to share an update that Mixster over the past year has become a small, close community of writers who love writing docs and work for the largest open-source organisations and projects, top startups, and companies helping them make their docs more inclusive, intuitive and interactive for readers of all kinds.

We patch the holes, and fix the leaks. We glue it up, and make it shiny. We mix it up, so that your product is understood better, by both clients and developers alike. Essentially helping it sell better. Most of our writers were developers once, and took a leap of faith to do what they love most, write. This helps your product, API’s, service, apps, websites get the right insight on how it can be improved and made better, more robust in today’s market.

Well that’s that. Mixster isn’t changing base or anything. It’s still going to be my corner of the web, I am just letting more people in. One can call this a soft opening to a new beginnings, a new initiative that I have been working on for some months. If you like to write as well, we have plenty of work to go around. You can find me on Twitter or anywhere on the web by vipulgupta2048.

If you are interested in making your documentation be and stay in the best shape it has ever been, I would love the opportunity to convince you how we can help your product reach that stage. After all, what’s more important than documentation in open-source.

I think that would be it, thank you for reading and like always folks, live in the mix.

PS. We are always looking forward to working with talented individuals and writers for numerous client projects that we have ongoing. Head over to the contact us section to show your interest for the same or just contact me directly anywhere on the web by @vipulgupta2048


    1. Thank you so much, Jason. I remember it all started from the DGplug Summer Training of 2017, I still remember the things I learned there. It was life-changing, I often remember it when I am writing here on Mixster.


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