InSync – The ultimate Google Drive client for Linux

Recently, many people have found my previous blog about Google Drive client Linux alternatives, pretty helpful. And have applied this hack as their way of accessing Google Drive from their Linux distro without having to worry about connection issues, login troubles etc. What if I tell you, I have found the near-perfect Google Drive Client, for your Linux Distribution that solves all the drawbacks of my alternative. YES, you are read it right. Read more to find out.

Quite a while ago, I was in quite a fix searching frantically over Google Drive clients for Linux, as Google has little to no interest in creating one. Nonetheless, after 84 years of searching (Pun),  I found a temporary workaround that helped partially solve the issue. For the complete blog, post you can check this out.

I being the good Samaritan added a few alternatives that could be tried things didn’t work out, so as to say. That’s where the Insync Team hit me up to check their new and updated Google Drive client, Insync that could run on all platforms. It’s to easy to set up, logging in was a breeze, syncing up items and with good speeds. I was in love in no time. Here’s a short review of what all features I liked the most.

  1. Multi-Team Support – Google has great team features, and Insync aims to utilize them fully, as you can also add multiple accounts and access them at a moment’s notice without waiting.
  2. Faster Sync – I been using the alternative way for some time and felt Insync be faster in most ways, be it music or large datasets. It could transfer files with ease.
  3. Native Client – The client has a pretty smart interface. With everything within reach and easily identifiable buttons, makes it pretty easy to get started.
  4. Feed & Progress Tabs – Uploading or downloading files from the Drive can get pretty frustrating at times when you are having low speeds. The Feed feature really helped that way.
  5. One time Log in & Boot at Startup – The only problem with Google Drive clients are authorization and security. Insync solves that easily by authorizing itself through a web browser rather than inside the client itself.
  6. Insync CLI –  I didn’t expect it to be good, but they really implemented it well. Great tool for power users.
  7. And many more …

I thought Insync to be quite great, easily the most functional and flexible Drive clients working on Linux seamlessly trying to make your day a bit easier. If your work depends on solely or even partially on Google Drives, then give Insync a shot. It’s available for all the platforms out there. Visit Insync right now.


So, what’s it gonna be?

Go free or go premium with the ultimate Google Drive client available on Linux.

That’s all guys, hope you liked this follow up post and live in the mix.


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