Weeeeeeeeeeek 5

No, it wasn’t a long week as the number of e’s in the week might lead you to think. I was down for some time and busy with some other things.
 Well, week 5 of 14 is have been finished. I am on track but thinking to work faster so that I can contribute more to Sugar Labs. I had a personal problem over the weekend which I sorted out. My mentors really sympathized with me and supported me throughout. I am back now and have been working on the following.

  1. OpenEBS HackFest – Not really related to Google, but open-source nonetheless. Check the post here
  2. Studied and researched about GPLv3
  3. Started out the documentation and made some final changes to the script. Refer http://www.github.com/vipulgupta2048/sugarport
  4. Project name changed to SugarPort.
  5. Submitted by first PR – https://github.com/sugarlabs/activity-abacus/pull/17
  6. Made a patch to sugar-toolkit-gtk3 – check it out. https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar-toolkit-gtk3/pull/394


I plan to fix 10+ activities before next week. Gotta go.

Stay in the mix, guys.


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