Django Party #Investopad_HKV

In the bright sunny days of February, I walked across the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D), towards Investopad, Hauz Khas to attend a meetup that I was looking forward to for a very long time, ever since I saw it on the meetup page. I was both nervous and full of excitement with the prospect of attending my first Django party organized by Pydelhi and Pyladies Delhi together. With an aim to grasp what Django is and how to truly harness its power in the field of web development.

I reached just in time as the introductions were wrapping up of all attendees facilitated by Anuvrat Parashar and Sanyam Khurana, to set the mood and make everybody familiar with other people around. After all, meetups are only good if you actually meet someone new. There were about 70 people, settled in cozy co-working space sitting around tables, sofas comprising of beginners, professionals and enthusiasts.


When the basic pre-requisites for the talk were completed, the first talk began. It was about basics and introduction to the open-source web framework, Django. Django is written solely in Python, released in 2005, by the Django Software Foundation (DSF). It drew large crowds of Pythonistas from all communities and ways of life. Django has gained a huge user-base and a lot of popularity over the years for being “The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines” Gaurav Chawla took that talk, named Django 101.

It was a very interesting, informative talk as he went over complex details like the Django request-response cycle, the command list, directory structure with the poise of his own. Also how Django handles the requests and renders the data onto the templates was one of the new things I learned and understood from the meetup. The talk came to an end with hello world showing up to prove that Django development server was running on our very own computers successfully. Basic troubleshooting was going all around and as more experienced developers were helping out the beginners. The talk ended on with explaining more about the administrator panel and various other technicalities involved in the Django Framework.

Refreshments are just a way to get to interact with people about their work experience, their findings, and best practices of problem-solving. After the refreshments, the next talk began promptly after it. Next up, we had a talk on Django custom middleware by Priyal Trivedi. Middlewares are light, low-level “plugin” system for globally altering Django’s input or output according to the official documentation. We went over the slides prepared by Priyal Trivedi, understanding and grasping the concept of building and deploying our own middlewares. Middlewares in Django works in a set order as we mention them in the middlewares in or use specific middlewares in applications we like to use and deploy, which was seemed both very flexible and easy to work and experiment with.

The meetup ended on a high note with lightning talks on Fish-Terminal, Decorators in Python and much more. Like every meetup, a hiring and pitching session was on the schedule as well for people who either want to hire or get hired by listing their requirements/resume. Well, that was all for this meetup. Till then, live in the mix. Below are some clicks of the meetup and the surrounding that I liked.

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