Two Thousand and Seventeen

2017 has been a jolly good year for me. Moving on to the next post now.Oh, so you are one of those types who like to see and actually read my blog. I am so very grateful to you for clicking the read more tag. But I do apologize to leave you disappointed. There is nothing worthwhile or glamorous enough to mention, which would widen your eyes, or astonish you. I am just a male teenager living in the 21st century. Trying to express his thoughts on the year that has gone by. If you like a rant then read on.

Well, New Year’s are all about resolutions you make (and break), food that you swallow (A sack of potatoes, that’s you), and people that you meet. It’s a snobby affair in which you get 369 messages from long forgotten friends wishing you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas (in some cases) without giving a fuck in this world. You open them all and reply to each of them with every drop of fake enthusiasm you can pull from your gut. You either enjoy the holidays at your home or get ready to go out party your brains out. But in between all this chaos, someone just needs to tap you on your shoulder and tell you that ‘Nothing really matters.’ and that it’s just another day. You need to realize that you would feel no different when you wake up the next day.

Make no mistake in realizing that I had the same plans too. The carbon-based life forms that we are. We love to be in a herd. We just can’t be alone. We just can’t stop socializing with other beings. We just can’t stop going to parties and upload fake Instagram posts. [I uploaded 3. Go check them out] Thing is I am neither against nor for this trend. But the first of January is just a day for me in the year of 2018. Just like the rest of 364 days. I just hate the overdose of positivity and optimism in the air. Unrealistic plans and activities are thought on about. ‘List of things to do in n year’ are produced on at an unprecedented rate. I don’t dislike positivity but not to the point it gets irritating. Some should always be there to give people a reality check just to keep things in perspective.

What I am getting at is, stop pretending. Stop giving out too many fucks. Get a hobby, do something worth your while. Get a project, learn a language. Break the routine that chains your life. I made a small naive pledge on someday of 2017. Which a good friend of mine made me remember. This made me break my chains.

“I would something crazy and new everyday in 2017.”

Did I follow up on that? I think so. I started this blog. Tried things that I have never tried before. Fell in love. Made some new friends. Participated in things, conferences, projects. Worked with professionals and gave a little back to the community. It was a good year. I changed and molded into the person I want to become and am now focused as ever. Started reading again. Started writing short stories. Visited new places and learned so many new things. Got back to many people I left along the way. Change is GOOD. And once you believe that you can change too, there is nothing stopping you.

Going through world events right now, I see Trump becoming President (Sigh), the mix-up of best picture involving Moonlight and La La Land in the Academy Awards (I loved LLL), Trump building a wall on the border (More sigh and very good memes), many great musicians died, the war on terror never seemed to end. “Wannacry” attacked computers all over the globe while Zika virus spread like wildfire. Then, Brexit. A lot of good things happened too. ISRO and SpaceX made some incredible advancements in space exploration. GST and Rally for Rivers started in India for the benefit of the public and the environment. The rise of Snapchat, Pokemon Go, and 100 other apps. Fidget spinners, Taylor Swift so many other events that happened.

But this year like every year has been rocky and sad for some. For some came bearing gifts and happiness. What we have to do is not expect so much from a year and embrace each and every day like I do by having some memes. Enjoy.

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