Benefits of Speaking Publically

A post regarding the benefits of public speaking that I derived, observed and maybe stating a little-exaggerated version of it that I realized from my talk at the meetup of India Linux Users Group – Delhi (ILUG-D) – My First talk as a Speaker
This post aims at all juniors, students and other people, I would refer to here that might find what they are looking for and get further motivated about giving their very first talk as a speaker at a meet-up, conference or meeting. I would quote the example of talking at a meet-up/conference.

Let’s talk about some basic boring biased benefits that everyone knows about but little do they care or nothing about it.

  1. Improve Communication Skills (Duh, I guess)
    This is a no-brainer. Public speaking is like learning to ride a bicycle, the more rapidly you try to learn it, the faster you master it. Try to Learn from your mistakes, get feedback after each talk and let your confidence sky-rocket taking your communication skills with you in the language you prefer.
  2. Social Connections (Very important in any line of profession)
    Public speaking helps you being noticed, enhances your personality. As people might not remember what you said, but will always like how you made them feel. Speaking at meetups and conferences frequently, sharing your knowledge with other shows candor, leadership potential and preferred man for the job.
  3. Career Growth (Success will come meet you)
    The benefit also includes career growth and prosperity coming your way. Meeting qualified and well-versed individual allows you to engage in conversation regarding career and growth opportunities. Who knows, a potential opening may be waiting for you. Never hesitate from having a conversation, even small talk.
  4. Inspire Others (It helped me, you should try it out too)
    Many motivational speakers and activists make use of their high-quality public speaking to make the world a better place and maintain its integrity and sovereignty. Influence other by your views rather than being influenced yourself.
  5. Overcome Fear (Our mutual enemy that rises whenever you try something new)
    Fear of looking foolish or making mistakes while speaking, fumbling is the main cause of people not wanting to come to the stage and present their views. People often face stage fright and get too conscious of themselves on stage.

Here have some inspiration quotes before you get on stage. May the force of the Mixster be with you. Sources: Click me. Always live in the mix.

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My advice (Listen closely, my beguiling friend)

Let go of all these inhibitions, anxiety, tension, nervousness rather take a deep breath and walk to the stage or area when your name is called by someone else. Introduce yourself, softly and slowly. Say what you rehearsed last night in front of the mirror in a loud clear tone and standing firmly behind a podium or stand or moving around interacting with the crowd. Make it snappy, make sure people get what you are saying, crack a joke from time to time. Use tools like graphs, charts, and presentation to make it more interesting. End it on a high note and don’t wait for the applause, get back in your seat ASAP. Ideally, it should happen like this only in our head. But as an experienced speaker now, I can assure you things will go sideways. Whatever happens, it will be alright. It’s no big deal if you embarrass yourself in front of 1000 people, Learn Not to Give a fuck. (READ this)

One doesn’t have to be perfect, in his speech, talk, presentation whatever might be. As long as the point that you want to express is being put forward, correctly and being understood by the audience. Then “Nothing really matters” (from Bohemian Rhapsody).



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