The Guide to filling the perfect OD form ft. Amity University

This post is exclusively for Amity University students. And could be described as one of the most important things in their lives after of course maintaining 75% attendance and their grade points.

Official duty (OD) forms are defined as those A4 sheets of paper that students in Amity University fill to get their attendance marked in classes they missed while they are performing official duties or volunteering in events etc. But some enlightened individuals, don’t know how to fill them. And this results in their attendance getting marked absent and their reactions being ‘Something Just Like This’.


The pain, the horror of getting marked absent.

Here’s a guide as to how to fill the perfect OD form so that your attendance can be marked easily, correctly and on time. Along with helping your seniors and teachers that they don’t have harrowing time locating the details you deliberately missed.

You sold. Let’s get started. Get an OD form quick.

  1. Name of the Institution – You study under an institution. Everyone does. The question is why are you so ashamed that you forget to write it. Example – I study in Amity School of Engineering and Technology so I write ASET.
  2. (No. of students) Fill in the blanks are meant to be filled and not left empty. So if 3 guys will write their names in the OD form, then write a clear 3 in that blank.
  3. Name of Activity – Pretty basic. Just write the task or event that you were so busy in or whatever the faculty/senior tells you to fill here.
  4. Date of Activity –  Check your fancy smartphone and put a date there in a clear format. Example – 23/08/17 (dd/mm/yy) or 23 August 2017. This date is the date on which the activity took place.
  5. Time of Activity & Duration – Usually duration is not that big of a deal. But do fill the starting (From) and ending time of the event

Usually, people get this right or ask other people to help them out. But nevertheless, the worse part is still to come. The details table. So the table will have 6 columns namely S.No, Student Name, Enroll No., Program, Courses which will be missed, Role and Responsibilities assigned. We will be going from left to right filling the first empty row in the table.

  1. Serial Number Count if the numbers are right or wrong. They are right. Ok, cool.
  2. Name  You got a name, right ?. Then fill your name without any designation of Mr. /Mrs. Writing should be clear. Fill in capital letters if you feel like it.
  3. Program Write the course/program you are enrolled under. I am pursuing B.Tech Computer Science. So I write only B.Tech. That’s not it. You have to mention the class/section you are studying in. So I am in my 3rd semester studying in CSE under the section 6 batch Y so you write – B.Tech 3CSE6Y
  4. Courses which will be missed [Most important part]
    This section denotes the class you have missed while performing your official duty. So let’s take examples of classes I missed and how to fill them out.
    1.1  FBL (Foreign Business Language)  – These subjects are the most problematic. If your attendance gets stuck, then these are the troublemakers at play.
    Example – I take German classes from X pm to Y pm under ABC ( ABC is the full name of the teacher, that teaches me German, check Amizone if you don’t know the name) . So I write – FBL German (ABC) [X pm – Y pm].1.2 Other subjects – Goes pretty much the same. Just without the name of the Professor teaching you. So let’s have some more examples. For the sake of simplicity. Time would be X pm to Y pm or A pm to B pm.

    Engineering Mechanics  [X pm – Y pm]
    Applied Physics – I   [X pm – Y pm]
    Physics lab  [X pm – Y pm][A pm – B pm]
    Applied Mathematics – I  * 2  [X pm – Y pm] [A pm – B pm]
    English  [Xpm – Ypm]
    You get the point, right ?. Write in this format and never miss out on anything. Write clearly and try to write in the width of the box only. If you make a mistake then it is always advisable to start out afresh. There are no hard n fast rules here. But these here are the best format possible.

    * 2 –  if there are 2 theory classes on a single day in the time period you are requesting your OD.

  5. Role and Responsibilities assigned – This column specifies what you did in the event. There are mostly 2 choices. Either Participant/attendee or Volunteer. Take your pick, no one cares about it.

    WhatsApp Image 2017-08-26 at 11.48.08 AM

    FYI this is how it looks.

  1. Under the table there is a date blank. Fill that too with the date on which you are submitting the OD form. Not to be confused with the date on which the activity took place, that’s different.

SO there it is, the perfect OD form completed under 5 minutes. Submit that baby to the person who is collecting them and home run !! Also get your form cross-checked one more time by yourself and by someone else. Just to be on the safer side.

A little side note: it is highly recommended to fill OD forms with the people of the same class and same program. It is much easier for the person who is marking the attendance. Also if you guys, are all missing out the same classes then draw a big curly bracket or use double quotes in the columns under courses you missed to denote that all the students mentioned here have missed the same classes and to be marked present for it.

It is recommended to fill and submit your OD forms on the same day itself or the next day of the event as the attendance gets blocked within 2 days. Just give it ASAP. It is a no brainer.

Once in a blue moon, if even after filling your OD form, your attendance is not marked. Then it is hard to say this, but learn to let go. Don’t cry over it.  If you are not getting disbarred, and tried all possible ways. Then it better to move on and make sure it doesn’t happen to you next time

Ending credits – Some people might think what’s the need for this. Everyone would learn eventually. True, but instead of learning things simply by trial and error. If we could tell someone exactly what to do. Then the confusion and problems would get solved much faster. Comment any doubts you have and keep filling those forms.

This post is completely free to copy, share and repost anywhere on any social media platform. I just want people to benefit from this. Send it anywhere, everywhere you like.
There are no affliations or benefits involed from this. Made in the spirit of truly being opensource and transparent.


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