The Art of Not Giving a Fuck

This is me on the subject of “Not Giving a Fuck”. So whosoever might you be, don’t get offended. If you do by any chance, I don’t give really don’t give a shit. One life-changing article coming up (10-minute read)

“So, this might be long, don’t adjust whatever device you are reading this on, This is Vipul Gupta writing, raw and fresh of the lessons life taught him over the course of 1st-year college. People path to greatness in Mixster begins from here.”

Edited from 13 Reasons Why

Here’s a short story about a guy named V.

V is a shy, introvert kinda guy. V is a geek and physically non-existent in a classroom. Before starting college, V decided to change, to transform himself, into somebody he always dreamed to be. (*whispers* Chandler). But there was a little self-esteem and confidence issue. What will other people say or think about me, was his problem. He was insecure.

So he decided to make a shield for himself. One made out of sarcasm and humor. Making everyone laugh. Uncaring of what people thought about him. But with sarcasm comes the great responsibility of sometimes taking the joke upon yourself. And he did with pride. And there he started to “not give a fuck” (point to be noted, my lord). V just didn’t give a fuck, about anything that happened. His friend didn’t invite him to a party. Not give a fuck. People trolled about him. No fucks given. People bitched about him. Oh thank you, dear but he didn’t give a fuck.


Pandas are nature’s way of telling you to give fewer fucks in life, Be crazy, nobody cares.

The only thing V valued was his peace of mind and the opinions of his friends. It almost became harder, for him to give a fuck about anything. Why should he,  he always thought. His fucks were precious. And to be used in the most fuck worthy of situations.    End of Story.

Need to Bigger Picture this …

Not giving a fuck is a state of mind where only you and handful of others people matter in your life. And nobody else. You choose to not care about them. This could include people, situation and things that you think matters but actually don’t and never would

Whatever they think, say or shout doesn’t matter to you. You simply choose not to care. If somebody is cheating on you, betraying you. Is that person really worth to give a fuck about? If your friends don’t care about what you think, then are they worthy of your attention, time and energy. Hell, sometimes my friends ignore me. I am not saying become a saint and leave this world and its hardships. But I say “man up or woman up look them or the situation in the eye and say I don’t give a fuck about you”. I just choose not to care and live my life my own way and on my own terms.

Your fucks matter and whom you are giving them to matters. I used the word fuck about 39 times in this article and I don’t give a fuck about that. Why should I ? #copied. This is an art/technique that everyone should try to learn/master. There are just too many things out there to give a fuck about and your ex’s new profile picture shouldn’t be one of it. People tend to see the strongest and the most admirable people to be the ones who don’t give a fuck. Like Rahul is bunking classes again. That guy just doesn’t give a fuck or Pooja is wearing something weird again. She doesn’t give a fuck.

Life becomes easier and better

Think about it. What if no one liked a recent picture you posted? What if no one returns your calls? What if no one messages to ask you about your awesome weekend? What if you are single and nobody is interested in you? What if someone makes fun of you? What if someone you really liked, starts to ignore you for no reason at all? What if it is raining and you are worried about your clothes getting wet ? or you wanted to just dance in the rain but your friends didn’t so you didn’t? What if there is an event you want to go but your friends won’t come along. Will you go alone? What if after a day’s end, there are 0 notification on your Facebook or Instagram account?

You get the point right. If I want to dance I will, if nobody tags along with me, I will go alone. If nobody shows interest in what I am doing, I will either go beyond my circle or just start working alone. Being alone is not what I am recommending but when it is the only choice. Will you be brave enough to take it. Try it at least.

Afraid of being judged, I thought so …

People would always judge you, your entire life, that’s their birthright. A big illusion is sometimes we feel people are judging us but they themselves don’t give a fuck about what you are doing. Just think all of them to be lazy couch potatoes and Internet trolls who have no life and instead feel awesome about yourself. Don’t be so over-conscious, for the love of God.  The gym is an appropriate example where people feel very exposed and conscious. comparing.jpg

Let’s pro-con this thing

Pros: Not giving a fuck increases your confidence, self-esteem, your personality shines. I for that matter often content with myself at some parts of the day. Example: I wore a red T-Shirt and jeans to a friend’s birthday party where everyone else was dressed formally. Fucks given what other thought. None. I liked that red T-shirt and I wore it. You often feel good about yourself as now you are not worrying what others are think about you. Pros you will figure out. Not too worried about that.

Now, cons – Living with this philosophy to not give a fuck about anything, would make you feel comfortable with anything in life. As even good criticism won’t bother you. If it did, you won’t show or express your feelings as your ego gets hurt that way. Emotions, other people’s well wishes, sentiments. Won’t get to you. You be a one man army. All alone. And as you have given no fucks in your life, now people don’t give a fuck about you. #karma #isa #bitch. You might get too ignorant, too overconfident. Saying you don’t give a fuck but deep down you do, a little. But your ego gets hurt in accepting that. I want you guys to analyze yourself from time to time. As the philosophy that you choose to follow ends up hurting the people close to you and driving them away.

My nickel’s worth of advice :-

Give a fuck sometimes but don’t let it go to your heart – Nartia, my friend that remains deeply worried that I give no fucks at all

Words hurt more than your actions. Trust me, saying you “Don’t give a Fuck” to your good friend about something. Concerns them but won’t concern you a bit. Because caring less is good but caring for no one, that’s catastrophic.


So what’s it going to be…

Follow this, try to apply this in your life but don’t make it your motto. Don’t let it control you. Consume you. Use it enough to make your life better. Get your fucks together and they are useful. Don’t throw them away like fucking sunshine on a beach. Get a guy/girl who cares about the fucks you give them, and knows its worth.

In classrooms, discussions, debates some people never speak up. Just in the fear of being judged or made fun off, trolled. I for one did. I was afraid to talk to other girls in my class. But not anymore. People that know me say I changed and it feels so good to hear every time, someone says that. But then too I am not saying. Following this will make you the most desirable person ever but hell it’s the right step in that direction. I think that matters. Be brave for once and reach for it deep down. AND just say it. What worse could happen in your already shitty, worthless life.

Do whatever you like, post whatever you like, say whatever you like. Use Freedom of Speech as your personal toy and don’t give a fuck what the world thinks about you or what you do. Be free from the bonds that society has on you, and try to live a little.

I will leave you with this line from the article I gained my inspiration from:

Then one day, on our deathbed, (hopefully) surrounded by the people we gave the majority of our fucks to throughout our life, and those few who still give a fuck about us, with a silent gasp we will gently let our last fuck go. Through the tears and the gently fading beeps of the heart monitor and the ever-dimming fluorescence encapsulating us in its divine hospital halo, we drift into some unknowable and unfuckable place.

Not giving a fuck since 2016-present. I see you improving already, 39 was just a random number, and you chose not to give a fuck about one less thing in this world. This is me not giving a fuck about what you think about this articles but I love to see you commenting and share this post. Thanks for reading.


DISCLAIMER – Important

The author in real life is not as abusive as portrayed here. He’s a simple guy who feels strongly about this issue. That’s all. Don’t judge him and if you still do. He would like you to know that he might just care. A little. Just kidding. Judge all you want. That guy does not give a fuck.

Being just in college when I wrote this, these scenarios are simple as, to say the least. Real challenges are yet to be face. It’s just that people my age would relate to it better. We have a need for this more than anybody in the world of fuckall social media sites. Which just beg you constantly to give a fuck about fucking everything.

Getting too comfortable with the fact that you don’t give a fuck about anything sounds genuinely like the best plan for life. Really, what you are actually doing is? You are hurting the people closest to you and that’s one thing in my book, you shouldn’t be doing. CONTROL is necessary. Your fucks are precious. Get your fucks together. And Give a fuck sometimes.

*drops mic*


A good friend of mine shared this one fine day and made me realize something deep inside me. The guy who wrote a book about this called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck  (The coolest thing you ever read just after my blog) I recommend this to everyone and I personally love him to death. Check him out.


And you thought I was joking.





  1. Oh you genius. slow claps good one, boss.
    1. Proofread your posts.
    2. Too long.
    3. A very strong farewell line. Could have been given earlier.
    4. Your first warning (the pros and cons paragraph) doesn’t make sense.
    5. #Inspired
    6. Totally fucking judging you right now.
    7. Don’t you give a fuck, mate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Anushka. Your words of appreciation were very kind and generous. Sometimes the elephant in the room is just too big, that it needs to be discussed. I felt strongly about this topic. And that resulted in some way with my views being too strong.

      Liked by 1 person

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