A google search helped me become better at FOSS.

It was a usual June day for me, summer holidays going on and I am working on some problem in C , going about hackerrank ,Checking social media websites and reading chat from various telegram groups that I am interested in, troubleshooting Linux issues that I am aware about, And on and on, Binging on some Breaking Bad too. There at that this moment I was talking to somebody over an issue he was facing in his Ubuntu distribution. And after then we started talking about  what he was doing this summer. And he mentioned that he would be participating in Dgplug (Durgapur Linux Users Group).

As a force of habit, one thing in FOSS that I have learned is to “GOOGLE”. Some Google searches I am not that proud of but “Information is power“. I now Google each and every term of a sentence,paragraph, article which I don’t understand. Which I would urge other fellow coders and non programmers who are reading this. Moving on with the story, I checked what is “dgplug” and their summer training on FOSS starting 18 June 2017. I already knew a lot about FOSS, at that time but this would mean a fresh start to get the basics right. Bit suspicious of their teaching methods on IRC (never tried it) but it’s on its 10th edition now so I thought , They should know what they are doing, right ?

They Knew What They Were doing..

After about 2 weeks, I am getting a feeling while writing this , what would have been if I haven’t googled “dgplug”. It is a IRC classroom and a real one at that. Class starts sharp on time, students (us) ask doubts and questions on the issues we are facing, etiquette is mildly followed which will improve by time.Roll calls happens. People the same age or little older than me, come at the same time everyday and learn.Just learn and make themselves better. I learned a lot in the past 2 weeks. As if I was a part of something bigger. The feeling of doing something significant every time I log on IRC channel freenode #dgplug.

People/ teachers/ instructors there like Kushal Das and Sayan Choudhary, deserve a special mention,I think in my blog because personally I have a group of mine own called AliAS back at my college and the thought of teaching and instructing a clueless first year of what is FOSS, is quite unnerving. I always think if I would be up for the task. These guys hold the channel together and run the show. I applaud their patience they showed with us and their commitment to live up to the task.

I hope I would do. (here’s to hoping …)

So YOU interested ? It’s not too late …

People if you are interested in knowing more and working hard, there is no obstacle that is too small. all you need is initiative and time . You can join up as well , classes happen at 7 pm IST on freenode channel on IRC. Here are some links that will help you catch up. Don’t fret. Comment here and I will help you in anyway possible.It’s been 2 weeks, I know. But don’t lose hope, I think if you start now you might still catch up.finger crossed

Summer training – Information on training

Welcome to Dgplug Summer Training’s documentation! — Dgplug Summer Training 0.1 documentation – Important reading material. Very important.

Logs of classes that happened till now.- IRC logs 

Don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list, and ping me anywhere if you need help.

Personal Views

Hey, I always wanted to make a blog but never did. I made this blog because it was listed for us to so in one of the classes. I am grateful for that. The thing is we never do things unless we are either pushed to do it or there is a urgent need or we are just passionate about it.

Would recommend this to everybody. It’s a good thing to in summers. Make summers great again.

I personally loved the session on markdown which left me a bit shocked. Been using HTML for about 4 years and don’t know about this amazing thing. That’s the beauty of isn’t it. It is all about sharing what you know with others. Information is power. And I will soak up every bit I can get my hands on.

Live in the mix, guys. I am gonna check some Heisenberg merchandise.



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